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Childhood friends talking about and reviewing retro games and the memories we associate with them. Check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by searching @hamandspamgames to stay up to date and contact us. Use #hamandspam to tag us!

January 5, 2020

E037 - Super Mario Bros. 2

 This week, we review the "black sheep" of Mario games, Super Mario Bros. 2. When we decided to take recommendations for upcoming games, the guys over at Finish the Fight: A Halo Podcast requested this one specifically. Often considered to be a cult favorite of it's generation, SMB2 would go on to be the number 4 best selling NES game of all time behind its pedacessor Super Mario Bros. (#1) and its sequel, Super Mario Bros. 3 (#3) and Duck Hunt (#2).

 Tune in and hear why the gameplay and story of this title was different from the others in the series and its history of how it came to be. Also, remember to check out our gameplay videos here.

 Join us next week when we go back to the squared circle and revisit WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64. Please be sure to submit your questions and comments for this game now to make it to air in time for the show.

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