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Childhood friends talking about and reviewing retro games and the memories we associate with them. Check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by searching @hamandspamgames to stay up to date and contact us. Use #hamandspam to tag us!


In the Season 3 finale, Hammy and Clint review the new movie, Godzilla vs Kong. Is it retro? No. Is it awesome? Yes.

And, just as a warning, there will be spoilers. Lots and lots of spoilers. We highly recommend you watch the movie first.


References: Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, Futurama, Saurday AM Sonic the Hedgehog, WWE (Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair) and........Space Jam?


This will be our last episode for this season. We will return this August with brand new episodes.

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Check out our review for the N64 first person shooter, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Despite an odd control scheme and sometimes difficult platforming, this game remains a classic to this day.

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Hammy & Clint revisit Metal Gear Solid in hopes of giving this game a slightly better review than the first time - a review affected by the beginning of the Pandemic. Along the way, they might be joined by a few special guests via Codec...

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