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Childhood friends talking about and reviewing retro games and the memories we associate with them. Check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by searching @hamandspamgames to stay up to date and contact us. Use #hamandspam to tag us!


Hammy and Clint interview good friend and fellow pod-caster, Nick from Talk or Go Home. What begins as a discussion on nostalgia vs retro soon develops into a deep introspective look as to why we cling so dearly to those things that remind us of our childhood. Yeah, we went deep.


Be sure to check out Talk or Go Home with Nick and Brandon. Oh, and Clint is on there too.

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March 21, 2021


Clint and Hammy play, review, and rank 6 classic shoot 'em ups (shmups) for the SNES: Axelay, Super Earth Defense Force, Gradius 3, Phalanx, Super R-Type, and UN Squadron. Check out the episode and let us know what you think.

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Join Ham and Spam as they review the original Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis and complete the Sonic "trilogy."


Check us both out on Talk or Go Home this week as we nerd out and talk Star Wars, MCU, and history.....wait, what?

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March 7, 2021

E059 - StarFox 64

Hammy and Clint review one of the all time classics on the N64. This game was perfectly tailored to the "unique" N64 controller and remains iconic to this day. Do a barrel roll!

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