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Childhood friends talking about and reviewing retro games and the memories we associate with them. Check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by searching @hamandspamgames to stay up to date and contact us. Use #hamandspam to tag us!


September 29, 2019

E023 - Diddy Kong Racing

 Welcome to this week's episode where we return to the Nintendo 64 and revisit Diddy Kong Racing!! Hear as we relive our memories with this racer and see if we can somehow still compete. Cars!, Planes! and BOATS!!?? I have a feeling that Clint is going to struggle against Hammy's superior N64 skills....

 Be on the lookout for the bonus episode that will drop in TWO WEEKS!!! (if Hammy ever edits it.....)

 We are asking for suggestions for games, movies, or topics for episodes 31 thru 99. We have a good number that have come in but keep them coming!!! We love hearing what you guys want us to review or talk about and centring the show around you, the fan! Try to keep it between SNES/Genesis through OG Xbox/PS2. The more obscure, the better but also the longer it will take us to play due to our current time constraints (Please hurry November!!!)

 As always, visit the website www.hamandspam.com where you can find all of our archived episodes as well as links to our social media. Remember to subscribe and leave a review wherever you hear us and invite a friend to listen to help us grow the show!!

 Visit "Finish the Fight: A Halo Podcast" for more great Halo content and any of the retro wrestling podcasts by Conrad Thompson to relive the glory days of WCW/WWF.

 Thanks for listening and for your support!!



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With our busy schedules, we (quickly) review ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron for SEGA. We recorded this episode at 4:00pm CST on a Sunday to be published on 7:00pm CST.

 This game was well received when it came out but not by those who cherished the original. Hear why as well as our review and our other classic "Ham and Spam observations" and stories.

 Remember to check out our website www.hamandspam.com and our social media where you can submit your recommendations as we build the list of our future episodes (31-50) leading up to our one year celebration extravaganza!! Perhaps a bonus episode as well....

 Thanks to everyone for your support. Remember to subscribe and leave us a review wherever you listen to the podcast and tell a friend to help us grow.


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September 15, 2019

E021 - Driver

 In this weeks episode, we review the PS1 classic, Driver. Join us as we review the inaugural game of this series and a game that launched what many third person driving games are today....ahem.....(coughs) GTA.

 Hear what we loved, what we hated, if we actually got through the tutorial, and ,of course, our stories that go along with it.

Check us out at hamandspam.com where you can find our social media accounts. We always love to hear from you guys and your feedback of our show. Leave us a review wherever you listen and be sure to subscribe.

 Thanks for listening!!

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September 8, 2019

E020 - Super Mario World

 This week's episode features arguably the best game ever made....at least in our opinion. But, by far, the best Mario games ever produced; perfect in every aspect and well loved even today. Of course I am talking about Super Mario World for the SNES. Listen and find out why we waited so long to FINALLY cover this title and what it means to Ham and Spam. Hear what we loved, what aggravated us the most about it, and what we might would change if we could tweak things just a bit.

 Our bonus episode will be recorded on 8/15/2019 and will be released along with Episode 25. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS FOR HAM AND SPAM NOW TO GET THEM ON THE SHOW!!! All links can be found at our website below.


 Check out our website www.hamandspam.com There you can find links to our social media where you can contact us directly with your questions and comments about the show.

 Also check out Finish The Fight Podcast for all of your Halo information. #detailedwalkthrough

 Thanks for listening!!

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September 1, 2019

E019 - Jurassic Park (SNES)

  In this week's episode we continue our Jurassic Park fanboy-ism and review Jurassic Park for SNES. Hear why we come the SNES version over the SEGA version, what we think about the game, why it was different from other movie based video games, and why exactly Clint had to use a hammer on Hammy....wait what?

 Remember our bonus episode coming up and we want to hear from you!!! Send your questions to any of our social media. We will close the best ones (or probably all of them) and answer them on the bonus episode!!

 Check out our website www.hamandspam.com There you can find links to our social media where you can contact us directly with your questions and comments about the show.

 Also give the guys over at Finish the Fight: A Halo Podcast a listen for some really in depth Halo information.

 Thanks for listening!!

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